About Brit Neumann

Brit Neumann

Brit runs her own company that offer lectures, seminars, and follow-up courses.
“Leadership means working for a healthy culture with respect and confidence, so your co-workers and others have good working conditions and work harder.

Brit has had more than 1000 lectures and seminars all over Norway and written 2 books. The books are commonly used to follow up her lectures. She’s had loads of good reviews and positive feedback from “disciples” that has seen the results of her work.

She has experience with leadership in many different areas:

- Coach for gymnastics teams on a national level.
- Teacher
- School principal for 15 years.
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Project leader with responsibility for the content with “Typical Norwegian” 1992-93
- Seminars and lectures for secondary schools in Denmark.
- Project “Neighbours in the North” for secondary-school and high-school students in Latvia 1996-97
- Project “Neighbours in the North” for secondary-school students in northwest Russia.
- Project leader for the development in Eidsvoll county, Norway.
- Mother of four children

Her ways of working are tried out in many different areas:

- Schools in every educational level.
- Trying to change bad habits and nonworking environments in classes with “dysfunctional” students.
- Seeing how a good working environment in schools can encourage individual growth in many areas.
- Groups of parents and adults.
- Teachers, principals and lecturers.
- Commercial companies
- Organisations
- Governments
- Inmates in jail.

In addition to her education from “Norges Idrettshøyskole” and “Lærerhøyskolen”, Brit has gone through many seminars and got diplomas within these subjects:

- Leadership course for schoolteachers – LUIS.
- Seminars in leadership, coaching and mentoring over a period of six years arranged by Karin and Egil Hjertaker.
- ”Personality Fitness Training Leader” by John L. Hart, Ph.D. President, I.S.P.I. One week intensive course with follow-up seminars for 10 years.
- Conflict handling with students.
-  ”CPS (Creative Problem Solving)”
- Sertifie – ”EXPRESSION THEATRALE” – en College International De Cannes.

A lot of her experiences are described in her books.


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