"TRYGG-modellen virker! Læring for livet" ISBN 82-02-32239-1

”Menneskeskolen” ISBN 82-02-10998-1

”TRYGG – godt fellesskap, god læring” ISBN 82-02-23567-7

All books are published by Cappelens Akademiske Forlag and are part of the bookclub ”A better school”. The books are based on own experiences and use real stories and examples to illustrate the theories.

"TRYGG-modellen virker! Læring for livet" is released in 2010 and describes how the dream of a good school can be a reality. It talks about how changes in the classroom for both students, teachers and parents can evolve into a good learning enviroment and a fellowship that makes changes. The book is a sequal to the 2004 book "TRYGG, godt fellesskap – god læring".

"Menneskeskolen" got published in 1988 and is now printed in its 9th edition. It describes a fellowship - a "Human school" - where every person is an important resource and the fellowship gives the person an opportunity to improve and evolve.

"TRYGG – Godt fellesskap, god læring" got published in 2004 and is now printed in its 5rd edition. ”TRYGG” gives insight in the term "self-worth", which is the biggest part of creating a good fellowship and help every individual to improve. It includes models and ways of thinking to help creating a better working-culture. The book finishes with a closer look at a working-model that has been tested out in different enviroments, like difficult schoolclasses in different agegroups.

Other books, in addition to articles in magazines written for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
- About Norway in "Typical Norwegian" - Looks at norwegian history, culture, geography and life.
- About democracy in "Neighbours in North". Formal and informal about democracy.
- About environmental protection in "Neighbours in North" and about collaboration between the countries in the Barents-region.

The core contents of all the books is how individuals and fellowship is closely connected to each other.




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