Lectures and Seminars

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Breif look at the term "Self-worth" and how working with "self-worth" helps you understand how to create a supporting fellowship. (45 min.) Groupsize is unlimited.

A closer look at the term "Self-worth" and what understanding the term can do for your own development.
Understanding "self-worth" makes it easier to create a supportive fellowship.
The lectures contain alot of real stories: sad stories, happy stories and stories with passion and humour.
The lectures are directed at leaders at all stages: "self-leading", for parents, for coaches, for school teachers and for company and organisaton leaders - in every situation where it is important for people to work well together.
(2 ½ - 3 hours.) Groupsize is unlimited.

After the lecture, the theory can be tried out in practise in groups of max 30 people.
(Works best in seminars that last for 1 - 3 days.)

Seminar follow up :
The theory is put into action and can be followed up after a while by training and working with the "TRYGG-model" directly in classes/groups, and then continue the work with guidance from Brit Neumann.
Agreement about seeing results before the follow up is ended.
In school classes the target can be adapted teaching and learning strategies that fits each student.

The books can be used as support in the seminars .


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