NEW BOOK: "TRYGG-modellen virker! Læring for livet."
My new book is out by the end of May 2010.
2010 has so far been a year full of positive feedback from schools and other enviroments working with the TRYGG-model. Some of the results are being described in my new book. Its very nice to see Veståsen school in Gjerdrum who has been given government support to follow up the TRYGG-model for a four year period. In Akershus schools are cooperating and exchanging experiences with the TRYGG-model, and a lot of positive ideas are being worked out right now.

I am continuing my education in France this autumn as well. 2010 will be my 8th year with ”EXPRESSION THEATRALE” en College Internationale de Cannes.

Feedback from the places that use the TRYGG-model are coming in, and they are making me very optimistic. They can really see a difference and that it works. I really get to see the difference on the schools that i work with over a week, as I work with the students during the day, the teachers during the afternoon and the parents in the evenings. A whole week of concentrated work with all these 3 groups always show great results and progress. So when i come back after a couple of months, I can see great changes in the way they work.

Global Medical Support
The TRYGG-model works in all kinds of places where people are working togheter, so I get missions in alot of different enviroments.
I am now using the TRYGG-model in "Global Medical Support".

"Naboer i Nord"
The launch of "Naboer i Nord" went down i September 2007. A great presentation for the people that works with schools in Murmansk og Apatity.
Fall 07 and spring 08 has been all about week projects at schools. Intense work with students, teachers and parents show great result and progress. New referance after a successful week is Rindal kommune in Nordmøre.

I have once again been in France, where I for the fifth time have been studying the language and theater at the College Internationale de Cannes.

Back to School
August was a busy month. Everything that has to do with schools start up again and its time to start using the TRYGG-model.
The one week projects are great success and its amazing to really see the differences it makes.
Principal at Riddersand school in Fet komune, Toril Tangen and school-leader Brite Kandal ved Messenlia skole are new references.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
I’ve had three jobs for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and now I’m currently working on the fourth. The project is directed towards students at the age of 16 from Russia and some other countries. The topics are: collaboration between the countries in the Barents-region, environmental conservation and democracy/dialog. It’s a big challenge for me, but also very inspiring.

I’ve been to a different convention: ”The art of being brave!” Arranged by “Tore Holtskog & Co” and the ”FLUX” foundation. It was very interesting and thought-provoking.

Lecture at Nic Wals institute
It was a great experience, huge challenge and very fun to hold the first lecture for the new course at Nic Wals institute. The course is a practical and educational seminar for psychologists, special-nurses, doctors, social workers and child welfare officers.
It’s very important for me to get recognition for my methods and thoughts from people with great experience and knowledge about people who suffer.
This gives me even more inspiration to continue my work with the TRYGG-model.

Lecture at Ullersmo county jail
I’ve had lectures and seminars for inmates and employees at Ullersmo county jail. The target group was fathers who meet their children on visits and after they finish serving their sentence. It was a great experience to meet these fathers and the confidence and trust they showed me.

After my lecture at Ullersmo county jail, I’ve continued my work with the TRYGG-model. The inmates had a great influence when choosing a theme, the role as a father serving time in jail. I once again got the confirmation that qualities in the fellowship, helps the people who stand alone. It was a great experience for everybody and I want to thank all the inmates and employees at Ullermo for their trust and cooperation.



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