Statements from customers :
Eilert Sundt high school: "Brit Neumann talked about self-worth and prosperity for three hours with students and teachers at our school. Everyone thought it was a big success.”

High schools in Kristiansand: ”You made a huge group of students and teachers really enthusiastic with your seminar”

After a lecture held for KS Sogn og Fjordane and Fylkesmannen i Sogn og Fjordane:
”After looking through our evaluation forms, almost everyone put "Brit Neumann" under the "I enjoyd most" part.

After a seminar for the Education association in Sogn og Fjordane:
”Thank you very much for a great experience in Loen. You are like a gift from nature, and I'm sure you could do the same perfect job on the theater-scene as on the lecture-scene.”

After a evening class for parents and employees:
"Thank you very much for a great and informative evening. Both the employees and the parents were greatfull. It gave us inspiration to continue the hard work

Participants from seminars:
“A warm greeting to the world’s best inspiration – you are positive, engaging and competent. Good luck in your future work!”    

After a seminar with employees, practising the TRYGG (Safe) – model and guidance of the Head Master over 1 year:
”You have changed our working environment. We are now working together when facing our challenges and solving what we called problems.”

A statement made by Geir Grung (Head of Expedition) after Brit Neumann was project leader for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:“Neumann was responsible for the concept development and pedagogical preparation of the material – production of three education leaflets, videos and music cassettes. The collaboration with Brit Neumann was very pleasant and of high importance when carrying out the project”.       

Comments on books:

A High School Head Master:
“I used this weekend to read TRYGG (SAFE). So here I am ”high” and full of thoughts. This is brilliant. Thank you so much for this book!”

From the magazine ”UTDANNING” (The Education Comity’s magazine):
A central term for Brit Neumann is – Behavioural handicap – She means that children that lack the ability to interact with others has a big handicap – No one that is being met with rejection, stigmatization, and neglect can develop a healthy social competence.”   

From the journal ”Spesialpedagogikk” nr. 10 – 2004:
”In a time where individualism is highly regarded, it is crucial that one is reminded of how important the fellowship is for individual development.”

From the ”Skole Magasinet” (School Magazine):
“There are some educational books that you read after the Head Master tells you to or in your studies. And then there are some that you look through a Saturday morning without being able to put it down. TRYGG is one of these books!”

From ”Farsund Avis”:
”Feeling safe and "self-worth" are two very central approaches to learning. It is a fact that all learning is depended on a good fellowship.”

From ”Romerikes Blad”:
”She is not afraid to say – You have to work on the ability to love, so that you can care for those cildren that are hard to like.”

 From ”Eidsvoll Blad”:
”It is so warm, vice, understanding and full of insight, that if the community and not just the schools, could live after the TRYGG – model, the world would be a better place for many.”



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